Gifted dressmakers at your service

Do you want to have something made just for you? Contact Quality Stitch for all your dressmaking needs.

Your preferences are as unique as you are. Why not wear something that reflects your personality? The dressmakers at Quality Stitch specialise in an extensive range of dressmaking and alterations to suit the preferences of a diverse range of people from many different cultures.  Based in Wimbledon, we cater to the dressmaking and design needs of London.

Having something designed and made from scratch just for you, is about as fashionably unique as you can get!  For that special occasion, if you're having trouble finding something off the rack that makes the statement you want to make, come and talk to us about our dressmaking and design services.  We can guide you on style and garment patterns, on the fabrics to choose from, even the accessories that will complement your outfit beautifully.  We will take your measurements and set to work, inviting you for your first fitting, when you can make your adjustments.  We will keep you informed every step of the way until the final fitting date.  Whatever the occasion, or for no occasion at all, come and talk to us about our dressmaking and design services.

Our dressmakers specialise in:

  • Embroidery Services
  • Tailoring
  • Sewing alterations
  • Wedding dresses
  • Designer clothing
  • Bridal outfits
  • Suits
  • Mens' Waistcoats
  • Shirts